The All-Energies Africa Summit and Exhibition looks to unite all energies in one place and deliver an inclusive and sustainable energy future across the Africa.

After the successful launch of the Africa Energy Series 2021 dedicated to financing the energy transition in Sub-Saharan Africa, All Energies Africa will focus on all energies and their role in moving towards a sustainable and carbon-free future.

All Energies Africa 2022 Physical Edition aims to address the need for a reliable energy production and access in the region, and to promote the socio-economic, technical, and environmental impacts sustainable and efficient energy markets entail.

AE Africa 2022 will bring together an international assembly of public sector stakeholders and policy makers with credible private sector investors, developers, and business leaders. Private sector investors and public sector leaders from across the region will debate key topics of financing, policy, technology, and energy projects to accelerate energy access while meeting the most urgent climate challenge the world faces today.


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The Programme

As part of one of the leading energy event networks in the world, the AEA 2022 programme will deliver cutting-edge content and the right mix of project stakeholders required to create lively and engaging panel-led discussions.

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Women in All Energies

AEA 2022 is part of the Women Advance 2022 programme dedicated to connecting the industry’s greatest minds, to influence, develop and engage aspiring women towards leadership, development, and inspiration throughout corporate and public enterprise in the energy sector.

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