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Kigali, Rwanda
31 May - 02 June 2022


Elsie is the Founder and Managing Director of Leadwood Energy, a specialist energy advisory company focused on renewable energy projects. She is well known for working on what she terms as ‘first of a kind’ energy transactions in the region to improve and transform East Africa’s energy sector. She has been involved in restructuring various parastatals in the country through Financial Independent Business Reviews, developing the framework for a local currency Power Purchase Agreement, negotiating the Heads of Terms for Kenya’s Upstream Crude Project and the sale of Kenya’s first crude oil cargo. She was voted 2019 Young Emerging Energy Leader and also received an award recognition for her exceptional leadership in Africa’s energy sector. In 2020, her Firm was voted Best Renewable Energy Consulting Firm in East Africa and was also the recipient of the 2020 East Africa Green Future Leadership Award. Her thoughts on Africa’s energy transformation are widely published in numerous energy journals. 

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