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Kigali, Rwanda
31 May - 02 June 2022


Born in Djibouti, Mr. Yonis Ali Guedi holds a Masters in Human Resource Management.  After brief stints in the banking & National Education sectors, Mr. Guedi returned to the Port of Djibouti in 2000, the economic heart of the country.  After more than a decade of a promising career which saw him rise to the top, in 2013 he was named the Head of Department for Terminal Service and Management Adviser for the Terminal Conteneur at the Port of Djibouti.

Being multilingual he was able to make the most of several training courses throughout his career, most notably in Management, Prospective employment and competencies management and also Business English.

In April 2017, he started in government by taking the role of Head of Natural Resources within the Ministry of Energy.  This is a key portfolio within the Djiboutian Government which hopes to soon become the first African country to use 100% renewables.

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